October 11, 2021

Our latest story: more sustainable oil and gas assets

An example of a successful partnership framework to make mature Oil and Gas assets more sustainable.

At Expert Petroleum, we are managing and investing in mature assets using fit for purpose, state of the art technologies to enhance production and reserves, to optimize the fields operations and reduce their environmental footprint.

In particular the  Production Enhancement Contract (PEC) has been an innovative partnership framework that has allowed us to swiftly deploy new processes, technologies, financial resources and expertise toward this goal .

This story demonstrate how we did it in a mature field in Romania: we managed in couple  of years of investment and management to increase the level of production and reserves, to reduce the surface facilities footprint, decrease the greenhouse gas emissions and increase the energy efficiency.

We improved the environmental footprint of this mature oil and gas field to make it more sustainable for longer time while also increasing its reserves and reducing its operating costs.

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