July 25, 2020

2019 Sustainability Report

On July 24th, 2020, Expert Petroleum (XP) published its 3rd Sustainability Report, for the operations conducted in 2019 in Romania.

The report has been developed in line with the latest EU requirements for reports on the social and environmental impacts of our activities and according to the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (Core option and G4 Oil and Gas Sector supplement).

In order to be even more complete and detailed than the previous year, we have included in this year annual sustainability report information from all our main operation sites active in 2019: ie Timiș County and Țicleni area, which was not included in previous years reports. We have now, therefore, a comprehensive view about the performance and impact of our company’s activities, related to environmental and social matters.

“This third Sustainability Report is clearly the most detailed and informative report so far as we now have few years of reporting and analyzing our sustainability performance behind us. Engaging once more in a dialogue with all our stakeholders have also refined further our priorities I strongly believe the foundation and explanations of XP’s resilience, our activities’ relevance to the oil and gas industry and our constructive relationship with our partners and the community where we operate can be found in this sustainability report”, said David Martinon, CEO.

What are the highlights of our 2019 Sustainability Report?

  • Economic performance: We have invested more than 15 Million USD in 2019, to make the operations of the mature oil and gas fields in Timiș and Țicleni safer, greener and more productive for a longer time
  • Compliance: In 2019, there have been no fines or sanctions imposed on XP for non-compliance with laws, regulations or acts of corruption. We had 27 inspections performed by the environmental authorities at our locations of operation and no non-compliance has been identified.
  • Environmental Performance: Our lspills intensity has been reduced by 27% compare to 2018 ,and our total Green House Gas emissions from our operations have decreased by 24% in 2019 vs. 2018, and our Green House Gas Intensity has decreased by 21% in 2019 vs.2018. We have also reduced our Flaring and venting by 20% and are getting close to our objective of Zero routine Flaring and Venting which we aim to achieve in 2021.
  • Energy management: Overall Energy consumption decreased by around 10%, through the optimization we conducted for our operations and operated facilities but production decreased even faster during the period so the Energy intensity slightly increased.
  • Water Management: Our Freshwater withdrawal slightly increase by 3% due to an increase of well intervention and workover activity in Ticleni.
  • Waste management: We had an exceptional and significant increase in the volume of waste generated in 2019 due to an old sludge removed from obsolete tanks and other materials from facility revamp, as part of the upgrading and footprint reduction activities.
  • Safety practices: Despite our efforts, in 2019, we recorded 3 Loss Time Incident (LTI). All incidents have been thoroughly investigated and valuable lessons learned out of the investigation
  • Supply Chain Management: The expenditures for goods and services in 2019 amounted to 19 Million USD compared with 27 Million USD in 2018. During this period, we have cooperated with 341 suppliers mostly from Romania.

Download here the full XP Sustaibility Report 2019.