September 4, 2022

New high-flow-rate well got up and running in Lviv region as part of the PEC project

The well provides 115 tcmpd, which is a high flowrate for the western region, where most of the fields are at the final stage of development.

The design and the construction of the well was carried out by Expert Petroleum which is Ukrgasvydobuvannya’s PEC partner.

"We welcome this result at one of our fields transferred to the management of Expert Petroleum. The well was drilled and commissioned in record time – 18 days. This is exactly the effect we expected from an international partner who has the ability to make quick and effective decisions. Today, the Carpathian region is an important area for stabilizing production and compensating for the losses that we have suffered since the beginning of a large-scale war. We expect an increase in production at depleted fields within the framework of the PEC project with Expert Petroleum and are working on new promising projects in this region," Olexander Romaniuk, Ukrgasvydobuvannya Acting Director General said.

"The main factor that led to such a good result was the advanced reservoir modeling and careful georeferencing of the new well. We tested a productive well in this field to study the reservoir in more detail. Then we acquired more data such as new logs and seismic to refine our model. Finally high-quality drilling and completion technologies also contributed to the final results," Rikhard Biliy, Expert Petroleum Ukraine LLC Technical Director added.

Now Expert Petroleum engineers are analyzing further the well data to optimize the field development from a reservoir and surface facilities point of view. Ukrgasvydobuvannya and Expert Petroleum started cooperation on the production enhancement terms (production enhancement contract – PEC) in October 1, 2020. According to the results of competition, the international partner got into the management 13 depleted gas fields in the Lviv region and pledged to increase production by 300 mcm for 5 years. The volume of investments should be at least UAH 1 billion.