January 5, 2019

2017 Sustainability Report

We are pleased to announce the release of our first sustainability report.

It will not only calibrate and confirm our positive results after years of investments and operations but also set our own benchmark to improve and reach the next level year on year.

This is an exciting chapter one of a journey that will for sure bring our organization to the next level in terms of transparency, performance, corporate culture and reputation. The report is developed in line with the GRI Standards and broadly describes our strategic approach, the procedural framework, the operational practices implemented and the performance achieved in 2017.

We not only aim to be at the forefront of sustainability best practices adoption but also to proactively innovate and raise the standards higher. Our ambitions is to promote continuous improvement of our sustainability performance, irrespective of our achievement so far as we do want to make a difference to ensure the oil and gas industry adapt to the stricter stakeholders requirements.

See regular information on our initiatives in the area of sustainability.

Download the full XP Sustaibility Report 2017.