May 30, 2017

Best Environmental Performance Award

On May, 29 / 2017, the CEO and the Members of the board of OMV Petrom awarded Expert Petroleum (PEC Timis) with Best GHG and Water performance in OMV Petrom / Non Operated Assets.

The greatest reduction of GHG Intensity (46%) in 2016 versus 2015; PEC Timis replaced the old technology at De-gasolination Plant Calacea with LTS; parks transformed in collecting points; improvements at compressors stations;

The greatest reduction of Freshwater Intensity (47%) in 2016 versus 2015.

The greatest reduction of Water Withdrawal (280,000 m3) in 2016 versus 2015; Improved technology:  Parks conversion into skids (Downsizing), thus no water use in the new facilities (Parks 3 and 4 Calacea, Park 11 Satchinez).